Digital Media Technologist

Continuing on fourteen years of freelance work and in-office employment, Fahim Moussi maintains a practice as a solutions developer and digital media specialist.

Insights gained while working in design, film and audiovisual production are regularly applied to documentation, systems planning and performance tracking.

Some of this work includes having:

  • Instructed at workshops on a variety of topics in graphic design, audiovisual production and event livestreaming
  • Implemented Web-based broadcast scheduling and automation for an FM radio station using self-hosted open source software
  • Experimented with gamification at a non-profit media outlet to control workshop and equipment access while driving volunteer engagement
  • Developed production tracking, management and content distribution systems for livestreaming and video recording teams at two multi-campus universities
  • Leveraged available enterprise systems, spreadsheets and the API Economy to optimize workflows, surface useful metrics and free up time for busy technicians and managers
  • Managed and maintained the technical requirements for livestreaming activities in-studio and on-the-ground during a historic period in Canada, garnering a pageview count of 21.4 million during the period and a highest single-day livestream audience of over 40,000 viewers
  • Managed and continue to maintain the digital signage, video streaming and in-room recording platforms for a 30,000+ community of staff and students during a global pandemic

Lately, he has been focusing on developing his commercial AV programming skills while working on the Audiovisual Technology team at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia.